28 June 2017

Want to know more about Project Access? Visit the exhibition in Beta

Come and visit the Project Access exhibition in Beta (formerly NK Passagen), which is open from June to September 2017. Learn more about one of the largest urban development projects today in Stockholm City.

The exhibition incorporates an overview of the vision of Project Access and presents more detailed information on the separate buildings. You will learn about the steps involved in developing the block with office, retail and residential buildings complemented by the creation of new public spaces. You can also read more about our vision to create an environment that connects. Inspired by Stockholm’s architectural heritage of city squares and streets designed for people, not cars, Project Access will embrace these qualities. We will unlock and open up the block, building new spaces for Stockholmers to meet, and reopening old forgotten routes.

What do you think?

Don´t forget to take part in our survey when visiting the exhibition. We understand that an urban regeneration project can’t succeed in isolation. We want to do this in partnership with the people of Stockholm, because we know that collaboration is the key to long-term positive, social and economic change. Let us know what is important to you by answering our questions, it won´t take more than a few minutes. Together we create the future Stockholm City.

Take our survey and tell us what you think