of the Future

Our vision for the block is to repurpose, extend and create new buildings; providing office, retail and residential space. We are working closely together with the City of Stockholm to deliver sensitively designed architecture so that underused spaces and buildings are brought back to their full economic use. And we’ll design these buildings to last, able to adapt to future needs.

More than 80 000 sqm of
commercial space
17 500 sqm of
retail space
1 450 sqm of
residential space

Project Access –
Discover the Architecture


Designed by Tengbom, this international A-Grade building has strong Swedish foundations and demonstrates our commitment to setting new standards in design and building innovation:

40 000
2 000
green roof terrace for tenant use,
planted with ingenious plants and grasses
1 500 +
laborers, craftspeople and supervisors on site
12 000
facade, partly covered with four different types of granite
Swedish sub-contractors that were involved in producing and building the facade
Nearly 40
Swedish manufacturers and suppliers

Compared to the average Stockholm City building, Mästerhuset has the advantage of:

30% higher capacity
Floors with 30% higher capacity than the average office building in Stockholm
1st class end of trip facilities
With 300 lockers, approximately 60 showers, 370 bike racks
50% lower energy consumption
than the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Hästen 21 –
Innovation Meets Heritage

This is an urban regeneration project where architecture plays an important role in revitalizing the Stockholm city centre to create a mixed-use amenity – a place for you to work, shop or dine.

In 2022, standing from Kungsträdgården, it will appear as though the city’s green spaces climb upwards, scaling Project Access via the terraces and green roofs of PK-Huset, Mästerhuset and the new Hästen 21, bringing the colours of the archipelago into central Stockholm.

This is architecture that listens as well as speaks. The height of the new Hästen 21 building will complement the existing skyline, mirroring the surrounding cityscape without interfering with the sightlines of the city’s church steeples and bell-towers.

In contrast to the current building, the life expectancy of the new Hästen 21 will be at least 100 years. High quality materials and an intelligent, flexible design means that the building can be adapted to future needs – so that when our work or shopping patterns change, Hästen 21 changes with them.

Project Access, transforming central Stockholm.