New Pathways

Making your way from Norrmalmstorg to Regeringsgatan? From Mäster Samuelsgatan to NK? From MOOD to PK-Huset? You should be able to take the shortcut through Project Access.

We are opening up new and long forgotten entrances and pathways, crisscrossing the area, allowing you to move more freely through the neighbourhood. On your way, you might discover something interesting – a new restaurant, a brand you’ve never seen before, a unique artwork – and decide to linger.

“In the past, you had streets going through and between the buildings, but over time all these streets have been blocked. With Project Access we are trying to reclaim those streets and bring people and life back into and around the block - the heart of the city.”

– Kristian Lars Ahlmark, Architect, Schmidt Hammer Lassen

A friendlier streetscape

When you are on our way home late at night, we want Mäster Samuelsgatan to be your preferred route.

Accessibility is at the heart of Project Access. On Mäster Samuelsgatan and Regeringsgatan, our vision is to broaden the pavements, plant over ten new trees, install 50 public bicycle racks, add new bench seating and improve lighting – to create a safer, more enjoyable streetscape for cyclists and pedestrians – especially in the evenings.