Hästen 21

The City’s New Meeting Place

The pinnacle of Project Access is Hästen 21, located at the corner of Regeringsgatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan next to the department store NK and the Mood-Galleria. Here, Pembroke creates a modern and sustainable building with office, retail and residential spaces. The new Hästen 21 will open up the neighborhood and with new passages, restaurants and stores we transform one of Stockholm’s most central districts into a more accessible and attractive place, 24/7.

The construction project started in August 2022 and the new building is planned to deliver in 2026. It will feature a light natural stone and glass façade, green rooftops and terraces. The architecture is inspired by the existing buildings in the area and the size and height of the Hästen 21 building have been carefully designed to blend in with the cityscape.

Developing New Office and Residential Spaces

The new building is designed with health and wellbeing in focus and once completed, Hästen 21 will house workspace for 2,000 people in the middle of the city, in close proximity to public transportation, pedestrian and bike routes. The property will also include 27 efficiently planned residential units with balconies facing Mäster Samuelsgatan. The ground level accommodates up to 20 new retail units and passages to increase accessibility throughout the neighborhood.

A Property Fit for the Future

The new Hästen 21 building can be adapted to meet future demands. The premises are flexibly designed and can easily adapt to new occupancy needs, today and in the future. We are developing the best possible workspaces, focusing on light, indoor climate and green spaces. The ambition for Hästen 21 is to minimize climate impacts. The building will be heated with geothermal heating and certified in accordance with LEED Platinum v4, the highest level of sustainability certifications for resource-effective properties.

The existing property is unable to meet requirements for a good working environment, for example, the ceiling height is too low and the windows too small. It is not possible to increase the amount of light by changing the size of the windows, as the façade bears the full construction of the building.