Sustainable Buildings Contribute to Sustainable Cities

Pembroke develops properties that meets future needs in terms of sustainable, effective and healthy buildings, contributing to sustainable cities.

We develop and manage buildings long-term and in close collaboration with our tenants, and have for several years in a row been awarded for having Sweden’s most satisfied office tenants. Our flexible office spaces can easily be adapted and rearranged to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s occupants. We strive to offer optimal workspaces with a focus on light, indoor climate and a wide range of services and facilities, including bike storage and dressing rooms, terraces and green spaces.

The majority of our properties are BREEAM or LEED-certified, meaning buildings are resource-effective conserving water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about how we work with sustainability.

Mästerhuset was the first building in Stockholm’s central business district to achieve LEED Platinum certification – one of the toughest sustainability awards in the world. The new Hästen 21 building is aiming to be even better - on track to consume less than 45 kWh per m2, approximately a fourth of the usage in the current building.

Green, bright, efficient

We improve energy efficiency and maintain quality environments whilst still ensuring the comfort of our tenants. Our buildings make it easier for you to be greener.

Our building systems will target to cut energy consumption by 50% compared to the average Stockholm City building.
We only use certified, emission free materials in our buildings to minimize the impact on our environment, creating a healthy place for people to live and work.