Pembroke develops real estate to meet the needs of the occupants of today and the future with health, wellbeing and long-term sustainability at the core of our asset strategies.

The delivery of sustainable healthy buildings is at the core of our business and our ability to create and manage world-class properties that deliver the best outcomes for our tenants, investors and the communities in which we work.

Our office assets, most of which are BREEAM or LEED certified, strive to provide an optimum workplace – including ample natural light and fresh air intake, as well as first class amenities, including end of trip facilities, outdoor spaces and terraces with internal and external greening and on-site retail conveniences. Our designs are underpinned by site specific active asset management.

There is no “one size fits all” - working with our tenants and prioritising the on-going maintenance of our building systems in order to enhance the day-to-day workplace experience, as well as the long-term sustainability and efficiency of our operations. Technology solutions are also an integral part of our building operations, from building management systems and touchless operational solutions to digital tenant engagement platforms and sustainability measurement. Mästerhuset was one of the first LEED Platinum certified buildings in Stockholm. Platinum is the highest level that can be achieved and means that Mästerhuset fulfills very high requirements related to environmental performance. We are targeting the same high level for the new Hästen 21 building.

Mästerhuset was the first building in Stockholm’s central business district to achieve LEED Platinum certification – one of the toughest sustainability awards in the world. The new Hästen 21 building is aiming to be even better - on track to consume less than 45 kWh per m2, approximately a fourth of the usage in the current building.

Green, bright, efficient

We improve energy efficiency and maintain quality environments whilst still ensuring the comfort of our tenants. Our buildings make it easier for you to be greener.

Worried about energy? Our building systems will target to cut energy consumption by 50% compared to the average Stockholm City building.
We only use certified, emission free materials in our buildings to minimize the impact on our environment, creating a healthy place for people to live and work.