Project Access –
Where Stockholm meets

Our vision is to create an environment that connects. Inspired by Stockholm’s architectural heritage of city squares and streets designed for people, not cars, Project Access will embrace these qualities. By opening up new pathways, creating new public spaces and adding amenities, we are bringing a new neighborhood to life.

“We want to create a place for Stockholm to meet – a space that will foster a sense of community; where people can come together to live, work, shop and socialize.”

– Kristin Willerström, Regional Director, Nordics

Park your bicycle, take a stroll, and discover the many new pathways crisscrossing the block – connecting exciting food concepts, new brands and shopping experiences, offices and apartments – creating a lively meeting place open 24/7. Welcome to Stockholm’s newest neighbourhood, in the heart of the City.

That is the kind of place we want to create. And we’ve already begun, building Mästerhuset and opening Smålandstorget- a new, publicly accessible square with shopping, restaurants and events- connecting Regeringsgatan with Birger Jarlsgatan once again.

Introducing Project Access