Mästerhuset is home to forward-thinking businesses – from a leading bank to an international communications consultancy. Our tenants are part of an environment where dynamic people and visionary companies can succeed and grow.

Mästerhuset is a LEED Platinum certified building and designed to the highest level och technical specifications. It sets new standards for office efficiency, flexibility and sustainability, with 3 meter ceiling heights and floor to ceiling windows.

Designed by Tengbom

This international A-Grade building has strong Swedish foundations and demonstrates our commitment to setting new standards in design and building innovation:

40 000
2 000
green roof terrace for tenant use,
planted with ingenious plants and grasses
1 500 +
laborers, craftspeople and supervisors on site
12 000
facade, partly covered with four different types of granite
Swedish sub-contractors that were involved in producing and building the facade
Nearly 40
Swedish manufacturers and suppliers

Compared to the average Stockholm City building, Mästerhuset has the advantage of:

30% higher capacity
Floors with 30% higher capacity than the average office building in Stockholm
1st class end of trip facilities
With 300 lockers, approximately 60 showers, 370 bike racks
50% lower energy consumption
than the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning