Did you know... That until 1973 Smålandsgatan ran the length of central Stockholm, connecting Birger Jarlsgatan with Regeringsgatan?

We want to put pedestrians first in Stockholm’s city centre, by transforming a block of separate buildings and connecting them with a series of new spaces, both in and outdoor.

Smålandstorget is Stockholm's new and exciting food destination. People come here for taste experiences from all over the world and around the square you find the Mexican restaurant La Neta, BoddyBuddy Cafe & Bakery, Saigon Stories and Fafelle. And more restaurants are on the way - keep an eye out! At Smålandstorget you can meet for lunch or dinner, drinks, a cup of coffee or an hour's work in the open air. The square, located where Smålandsgatan and Norrlandsgatan meet, is also the place for various events - follow our Instagram account 'project_access' so you don't miss what's going on!