05 October 2017

Car-free day on Mäster Samuelsgatan

Future vision for the City
– Pembroke participated at Stockholm’s car-free day.

On Sunday September 17th, the City of Stockholm arranged a car-free day, where Stockholmers got a chance to experience the city in a new way- without cars.

Pembroke participated during the day in close collaboration with the City of Stockholm and real estate developers AMF Fastigheter and Vasakronan by arranging activities along Mäster Samuelsgatan. The normally busy street was transformed to a place for exciting activities and meetings.

City Traffic Officer Daniel Helldén (MP) took part in the festivities during the afternoon and also participated in a panel debate about ‘Citizen driven development of the city and future plans for the buildings around Mäster Samuelsgatan’, together with Pembroke, AMF Fastigheter and Vasakronan.

– What we see here today is a good example of how the City of Stockholm, together with real estate developers, can work together with the development of the city. To create a more friendly streetscape is an important part of the ‘Traffic and Streetscape Plan’ (Trafik och Gatumiljöplanen) for Stockholm’s city centre, and I am looking forward to continue our cooperation to help increase the accessibility for pedestrians, bikes and cars, said Daniel Helldén.

– With Project Access we want to create more public spaces for people to meet, as well as open up passageways to increase accessibility. We also hope to be able to broaden sidewalks, both for pedestrians and bikes, and add more greenery and light into the city centre. With the car-free day we hope that Stockholmers get a better understanding of what a more inclusive and safe city could look like, with more room for pedestrians, bikes and cars, said Linn-Marie Nordh, Pembroke.

Apart from all the activities that took place during the day, people could also visit Pembroke´s exhibition about Project Access in Beta. The exhibition incorporated an overview of the vision of Project Access and presented more detailed information about the separate buildings. They could also give their feedback on the future development of Mäster Samuelsgatan by answering our survey.

Pembroke's Linn-Marie Nordh and Daniel Helldén (MP), City Traffic Officer, discussing the future plans for Mäster Samuelsgatan.

Visitors at Pembroke´s exhibition about Project Access.

Suggested future streetscape along Mäster Samuelsgatan with more room for pedestrians and bikes.