Did you know... That until 1973 Smålandsgatan ran the length of central Stockholm, connecting Birger Jarlsgatan with Regeringsgatan?

“We want to create a place for Stockholm to meet – a space that will foster a sense of community; where people can come together to live, work, shop and socialize.”

– Mark Takeuchi, Managing Director, Asset Management and Development, Pembroke

Park your bicycle, take a stroll, and discover the many new pathways crisscrossing the block – connecting exciting food concepts, new brands and shopping experiences, offices and apartments – creating a lively meeting place open 24/7. Welcome to Stockholm’s newest neighbourhood, in the heart of the City.

That is the kind of place we want to create. And we’ve already begun, building Mästerhuset and opening Smålandstorget- a new, publicly accessible square with cafes, restaurants and events- connecting Regeringsgatan with Birger Jarlsgatan once again.

But we want your input. If you have a good idea for the neighborhood, take our survey to make your voice heard.

Do you have a question about the project? Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch!

Who we are

We’re an international real estate advisor that acquires, develops and manages properties and places. Over the past twenty years, we’ve built a portfolio that encompasses commercial and mixed-use environments in the world’s leading cities. And, the services we provide are just as important as our properties because we create places that work for people. With creativity and foresight, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that generate real and sustainable value.

We’re dedicated to continuous improvement, and actively manage our properties with care. Private capital allows us to take our time choosing and creating properties with sustainable principles at their core. It’s more than just the right thing to do. Reducing resources, improving energy efficiency and providing quality workplace environments strengthens our investments.