New Spaces

We want to put pedestrians first in Stockholm’s city centre, by transforming a block of separate buildings and connecting them with a series of new spaces, both in and outdoor.

We’ll create a unified, sustainable neighbourhood, improving the perimeter streetscape with soft landscaping and planting over 20 varieties of indigenous plants and trees.

In fact we’ve already begun. We opened the international Grade A office building Mästerhuset in 2015 and the public square, Smålandstorget, in June 2017. Come and discover for yourself!

2015: Mästerhuset, a workplace ready for the future

Mästerhuset is home to forward-thinking businesses – from a leading bank to an international communications consultancy- our tenants recognise the value of being part of an environment where dynamic people and visionary companies can succeed and grow.

Mästerhuset is designed to the highest level of technical specifications and sets new standards for office efficiency, flexibility and sustainability, with 3 meter ceiling heights and floor to ceiling windows.

2017: Smålandstorget –
a symbol for Project Access

Smålandstorget is a meeting place, with restaurants and cultural events – an urban plaza in the very heart of Stockholm.

It’s a great place for a coffee, for hanging out with friends, or for an hour’s work in the open-air. And it is an access point, celebrating Stockholm’s heritage by opening up forgotten pathways, into and through the neighbourhood. From this new square you can access PK-Huset, Mästerhuset and Hästen 21.

2022 : Reimagining Hästen 21

The new Hästen 21 building will be a mixed-use amenity – a place for you to live, work, shop or dine. It will have double height retail at the lower floors and international Grade A offices from floor two to nine. The connections to neighbouring buildings PK-Huset and NK will be retained and enhanced, creating a seamless retail experience.

At its centre, a large circular atrium topped with a huge skylight will flood the building with natural light to create a dynamic indoor workspace.

Mästerhuset was the first building in Stockholm’s central business district to achieve LEED Platinum certification – one of the toughest sustainability awards in the world. The new Hästen 21 building is aiming to be even better - on track to consume less than 45 kWh per m2, approximately a fourth of the usage in the current building.

Green, bright, efficient

We improve energy efficiency and maintain quality environments whilst still ensuring the comfort of our tenants. Our buildings make it easier for you to be greener.

Worried about energy? Our building systems will target to cut energy consumption by 50% compared to the average Stockholm City building.
We only use certified, emission free materials in our buildings to minimize the impact on our environment, creating a healthy place for people to live and work.